Wednesday, January 18, 2006

it starts...

ok, where to begin? at the beginning dummy...
ok, i was born...NO, NO, NO! not that far back! sorry...

here's the thing, i recently "discovered" blogs, well ok discovered isn't a good descriptive maybe, i'd heard the word "blog" before, i knew what it meant but never "experienced" it.
Then i started reading them and well ... one thing led to another ... i started adding RSS feeds to Thunderbird, all i'm doing is adding blogs and reading ... wonder why my productivity at work has dropped off ... ok so i'm reading and then De-Lurking week happened ... so i sorta de-lurked in a big way and created my own blog.

so now what? well if you are me, (which i am btw) ... you spend the next week wondering what the heck you are gonna type in this empty space, you play with the links on the sidebar but that's not very exciting to any visitors (i can't imagine). i added my stat counter ... not like it was gonna register any visits with a black hole where the posts aught to be ... but its there.

i step back and ooooh and aaaaah over the whole thing ... but the dark space in the middle ... keeps jumping out at me ... what am i gonna say?

i have time ... no rush ... i'll think of something ...

THEN it happened!

I posted a comment on a blog. No biggie except it got "front page mention" on the blog with a link and all ... WOW THAT IS COOL ... i was soo excited...neat ... WAIT! there is a link to me... I HAVE NOTHING ... i look like a shmuck!!!
ok what else is new but now i guess i need to come up with something, really!

so here it is ... the beginning ... i'm sure there is lots to tell i'm just shy (don't believe me? look at the blogs i LURK at in my list of Lurkees, go visit them, see how many comments i've ever left...told you!)
i figure if i'm a lurkER they must be the lurkEE.

so now you know, and i know you will never get those precious minutes back that you just spent reading this ramble! so there!!!

BTW: thanks to gemmak for the inadvertant push to get something posted in my space :)
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Blogger cinders revealed...

It always starts out slow. First you play around, kind of try other people's styles, blah blah blah, post random stuff. I guarantee you go to anybody's archive to their first month and it's probably drivel. You'll swing into your own style. Hell, I've been at this for almost a year and I'm still trying to find a groove.

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