Tuesday, January 24, 2006

its official...

my realtor is a total idiot...

we've been trying to sell our house for a long time now. its not in the best of shape but it's not a total dump either.
we had a realtor we really liked but he couldn't sell it and as a last ditch effort decided to change realtors...

it has been our opinion for a while now that the new realtor sux...

yesterday that opinion became an official fact! we know someone personally who is interested (very interested) in buying our house. the realtor KNOWS that we need to get rid of this house (i can't keep making two house payments and vacancy insurance is unreal!)

the woman that wants to buy our house called the realtor about seeing the house. the realtor said "i can't show it until the weekend"

nothing like putting it off

then the realtor asked if the woman was pre-approved for the money. the woman said that she had not done that yet.
the realtor said, "well i'm not gonna waste my time if you aren't even pre-approved yet"

i'm sure glad they are trying to help me sell my house ... NOT !!!!!
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Blogger Shover Robot revealed...

Sounds like it to me!
Only cares about the his commission instead of helping his client.

11:06 AM  
Blogger gemmak revealed...

Sounds much the same as here in the UK expensive 'necessity' with usually their own interests at heart! Gah.

Nice image by the way :o)

8:00 AM  
Blogger Boca Expert revealed...

Pop goes the Housing Bubble? A Florida subdivision -- the Boca Country Club -- characterizes the area, the problem, and the answer. read more ....

4:47 AM  

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