Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Finale...

Shortly after xmas we gave my youngest the choice between one of the aforementioned horsies or a stuffed giraffe (she loves giraffes). Without hesitation she chose the giraffe.
Guess who gets to return one of the horsies?!
(don't panic...don't run away...this is shorter than the last post)
So I carry Mr. Unwanted Horsie (hey, why the long face... uh ... yeah ... anyway) into the store. I, however was returning it at a different location. This cashier didn't quite get the, "I returned it for cheaper" thing and NEARLY gave me the ORIGINAL price back for it. (I was too honest to let her). So she gets the prices into the computer for the return (btw: she was a cashier that knew how to do returns) and she hits the button so i can have my money ... here's where i about lost my mind ...
Apparently in this day and age of modern technology, the stores in this chain are NOT linked together. They do NOT share their databases of customers. So, guess who had to put ALL of my information into her computer!!!! At least this time I had a receipt with all of that info on it, AND she was apparently a much better keyboardist as she entered all of my information without too much pain. She only messed up one thing ...
In the text box marked LAST NAME she typed in my FULL name.
In the text box marked FIRST NAME she typed in my FIRST name.
I wasn't in much of a mood to correct her so from now on I get their advertiser addressed to
My 11 year old said: Your parents loved you so much they named you TWICE!

Oh yeah ... as part of the cashiers small talk ... she informs me that she lives near me ...
And I care because.....????
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Blogger gemmak revealed...

Lol...hell am I glad I don't have you in front of me watching my every move at work! ;o) heh.

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