Friday, February 17, 2006

I don't do windows!

Ok so I wasn't GOING to do this Johari Window stuff cuz ... well ... cuz ... well everyone else was and just seemed silly and didn't want to do stuff just cuz everyone else was ... but ... well ... everyone else is so HERE!!!
Now I know there are only about 6 people that ever read my blog on a good day so this "experiment" will suck but then ... WHO CARES!

Ok some random thoughts ...

Apparently I relate better to women than men. I was going through my RSS feeds so as to update my blogroll. I have MANY MANY feeds. Except for my daily Dilbert comic and my Netflix feed, the rest are blog feeds. ALL of them are written by women! Wonder what that says about me?

Fast food restaurants should put timers on the counter and not just the drive thru (i know some do) but those timers AND the timers on the drive thru should be connected to shock collars on all the employees ... for every 10 seconds over the "set standard" brrrrzzzzziiiiittttttt maybe then i'd get my food in my lifetime and it might still be warm :)

Maybe I should start writing more about my kids ... instead of complaining about fastfood and resumes :)
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Blogger Chickie revealed...

The shock collars are a fine idea. I hate it when you're at the drive thru window and they ask you to pull up and wait on your food so you don't prolong their window time.

10:16 PM  
Blogger gemmak revealed...

On the women thing? what can I say?! heh

7:27 PM  

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