Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Please Go Pee-Pee On Your Socks For Warmth

I know, I know, WTF??? When driving my little one to school today I glanced over at what she was reading. She was on chapter one of this book here --> READ CHAPTER ONE!
Anywhooo, it just struck me as funny. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or the prospect of using that phrase in a conversation somewhere down the road. Either way I had to chuckle. So I'm a moron...ok I admit it :)

I also thought I'd share today's Dilbert. I have heard so many stories about people that have absolutely no common sense when it comes to computers (I'm not talking about limited knowledge here, I'm talking about the "How can you be so stupid?" kind of person). This also struck me as funny this morning.

Finally, to all those whom I've been reading lately in the blogosphere who are having some sort of difficulty that they've been trying to wrap their heads around (this seems the week for it I guess!) My thoughts and prayers are with you that you will get through whatever it is that is troubling you, bothering you or simply putting your head in a spin. These things are many times never easy but may be relieved somewhat by the knowledge that you are NOT alone!
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