Monday, March 06, 2006

Bits and Pieces...

I know it's been a couple days since I've had anything worth saying ... but finally, I ... still have nothing worth saying but you are gonna hear it anyway. I've got nothing special, or extremely funny. I've found that many times stuff that I think is funny has that "guess you had to be there" quality and doesn't translate well to the blogosphere. So, in lieu of something extremely strange or funny happening you get this ...

Friday, work, carpets are being cleaned. We are all hanging out in the shop while this happens. The receptionist brings out some work (the fact that she actually had any is surprising) and works on it at a table in the shop. She tells me that she has forgotten something and needs to go back up front to her area to get it and could I please make sure nobody looks at the stuff on the table. I said ok...... then....... of course, I had to look....what was so important?... "oh nice" i think to myself, personel files! I feel safe now!

Watched Eight Below with my kiddos. Yeah, it's a Walt Disney movie ... nuff said. Most exciting part was nearly having my arm broken by my jumpy wife during a "frightening" i-will-now-pull-a-seal-out-of-a-whale reappearing trick (if you've seen it you KNOW what i'm talkin' about -- if you haven't -- meh!)

Finished watching my Netflix movie -- Tomie. Not bad! I love the Japanese horror. There is no need to have some unkillable wingnut ramapaging around hacking up sex-crazed teens to make something scary. It wasn't as good as Ringu or Ju-on but it was still quite enjoyable.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events I felt was one of the cooler movies I've seen lately. There are a handful of GREAT lines that can and SHOULD be used in everyday life.
Soda, soda, banana.

And hey, since we are on the subject...doesn't ANYONE have a unique idea for a movie? Walking down the hallway of the theater to get to our movie (yeah, that dog one with all the snow) we were glancing at ALL the posters for upcoming movies ... Dr. Doolittle 3 -- um -- yeah you know what? I know even the first one was a "remake" and that's a whole other issue that kills me, but it was cute & funny, but come on, THREE???? Don't get me wrong, I get the fact that you CAN continue movies/stories ... X-men 3 ... ok, no biggie ... good guys beat up bad guys, just like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc. It's just a new comic book issue on film. HOWEVER, I had to give the big WTF? though, to the poster just around the corner, Basic Instinct 2.
So when does it stop? Are we going to see The Sixth Sense 2? It doesn't matter that you KNOW the surprise, we can make a sequel ANYWAY because YOU my stoopid friend will watch it !!!

OH YEAH, speaking of ... i nearly forgot ...

I've discovered I know WHY all those goofy emails fly around the world with bunnies and rainbows and cute little poems about love and caring and the last line that always says "Send this to 10 of your friends and you will receive good luck"
Walking out of Golden Corral (all you can eat steak ... yum!) I overhear the conversation between a rather large woman and her rather large family (yeah Golden Corral is a buffet) .. she stares at her open cellphone in dismay and utters these words...

Send this to 10 friends? I don't have 10 friends! Do you guys have email addresses?

I so wanted to tell her ... you know why you don't have 10 friends? cuz you keep sending them bunnies and rainbow good luck emails !!!!! They HATE you now!

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Blogger Chelle revealed...

You know there is Bambi2 out dont you? WTF is that about anyway?? Yeah, where have all the original ideas gone to? Kinds sickening. Oh least I save money on movie tickets :)

Remind me never to send you any of those "foo foo" cutsie email Actually, I HATE those. I have a couple of friends (hmm, which I am now rethinking) that send me that shit EVERY day. Delete, delete, delete. :) Guess I'm never gonna have good luck ;)

Your post was funny....but you forgot to tell us what was in the files!! I was on othe edge of my seat waiting..hehe

1:10 PM  
Blogger Pusher Robot revealed...

- oh yeah forgot about Bambi 2 ... wonder if his "step-mother" gets killed in this one! OR ... some horrible accident has to happen to falene (sp?) (bambi's girl) cuz you KNOW you CAN NOT have anything except SINGLE parents in a Disney movie!
- i actually have to filter my aunt because of the crap that she FORWARDS to me ... that may be a whole other post ... just so you all can feel my pain too :)
- They were personnel files, the ones that have all the juicy bits about each employee in them! (my apologies for not making that clear, hope you didn't fall off your seat)

1:52 PM  
Blogger gemmak revealed...

Impressive secretary! not

7:46 PM  

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