Friday, March 24, 2006

Measure once, cut!

I got one of THESE today at work. I love the one page instruction "manual". Ok, so I know how to use one and it's not that hard that it needs a whole manual, but still there is the whole "computer port" built-in thing that isn't even mentioned in the paper.

More importantly is the troubleshooting guide ... you know the ones ...

Problem: Unit does not power on
Cause: Battery not installed
Solution: Install battery

The really helpful stuff! So I'm glancing over this instruction sheet and a couple things caught my eye.

Failure: Display doesn't change
Cause: Accidental trouble in circuit
Measure: Take out battery and erset it after 30 sec.

So I'm thinking, what do you do in the case of "on purpose trouble in circuit" ??? I am also not certain what it is you are asking me to do to the battery after 30 seconds. (I know you are all looking at me like, "it's JUST a typo" ... I know, so even if I assume it is reset. Where is the reset button on the battery ... it must be tiny.)

Reading on...

Failure: Less accurate than specified
Cause: Dirt in sensor
Measure: Remove slider cover and its assembly, clean comperessed air

Ok, I'll admit i don't know EVERYTHING there is to know, but, (1) I'm not sure how cleaning the air will get the dirt out of the slider, (2) I'm not sure how to clean comperessed air. In fact I'm not even sure what comperessed air is.

Then finally ...

Failure: No display on LCD
Cause: (1) Battery in poor contact. (2) Battery low voltage
Measure: (1) Remove battery cover and adjust battery scat, keep good connection. (2) Replace battery.

Sure I can see how poop (ie. scat) would mess up the contacts on the battery and cause it to be "in poor contact" but I wasn't even aware that batteries had that "function". I should check my batteries at home and make sure they aren't "scatting" where they shouldn't be.
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Blogger Chelle revealed...

LOL don't you just love it! You have to wonder what language they were translating from when they wrote that? LOL

8:34 AM  
Blogger Sassy revealed...

Holy, there's such thing as 'battery scat'? Wow. I totally didn't know that. ROFL!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Pusher Robot revealed...

Chelle: Chinese is my guess (or some related language). The Quality Control guys name is Hang Yu Ying.

Sassy: Surprised me too! Watch where you step!

1:37 PM  

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