Friday, April 21, 2006

Cars, cars, cars...

I dread having to go to dealerships and look at cars. You never know what to expect as far as car salesmen go. Most of the guys at the dealerships were laid back and so not pushy which was a nice change and greatly appreciated. Except at the ONE dealership we went to. He was your typical car salesman. He had that permanent smile and all the gold jewelery. I think it was to blind you from seeing his shifty eyes. He was just the kind of salesman you hate. Talking to him about what you were looking for was a total waste of time.

Wife: We are looking for a small used car, 2001 or newer, has to be 4 doors and less than $10,000.

Shifty-Eyed-Salesman: Here's a nice one.

Wife: That's a two door...

SES: Here's a nice one.

Wife: How much is it?

SES: $11,900

Wife: *looking at each other like we must be talking another language*

SES: Here's a nice one!

Wife: How much is that?

SES: $12,500

Wife: *blink............blink-blink* We really need something less than $10,000.

SES: Here's a nice one!

Wife: Do you have any that are NOT "nice one's" ???

SES: No ma'am they have to go through our service department, yadda, yadda...


SES: Here's a nice one! I sold one of these to my sister just weeks ago. She loves it.

Us (thinking): *so did you drug her first, did she disown you yet, did she buy it just to shut you up? i bet you don't even HAVE a sister! do we have idiot written on our foreheads?*

We had to leave before we both got sick to our stomachs. Oh, I have to mention that everyone we stopped at asked who the car was for, me or the wife. After being told who the car was for ever other salesperson at all the other dealerships did MOST of the talking to HER since it was for her, or they would talk to BOTH of us in a friendly type of way. Shifty guy talked 95% to ME. I was almost at the point of telling him I didn't care and if he planned on selling one he should try and convince my wife.

Anyway that pain is all over as we got this car the other night.

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Blogger Chelle revealed...

Hey.,..nice car!!! Don't you just hate sales people?? Ugh.....I dread car shhopping...though I have to say that when we bought my Honda...the guy was awesome!!! First time EVER that

12:09 AM  
Blogger Geeky Dragon Girl revealed...

Well HERE'S a nice one! That guy didn't have much vocabulary OR sales skills, did he? Eww. I'm picturing a Joe Pesci type, all weasly and annoying.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Chickie revealed...

Cute car!

I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than go car shopping.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Sassy revealed...

Gotta love blinged up, shifty eyed car people. Congrats on your car!

3:23 PM  

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