Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It's been a while since my last post and I don't have anything real solid today so this is basically random.

If a chicken nugget is travelling south at 5 miles per hour and a second chicken nugget is travelling north with barbeque sauce on it at 3 miles an hour how long before your brain explodes?

McDonald's seems to be my favorite rantable (is that a word?) place. I don't know if it just happens that I go there so often that's where I see stuff or if there is a certain criteria for employees.

After taking our food to the table my youngest daughter (9) says: "I ordered a #10 but I only got 5 nuggets"
Wife: "Go back up to the counter and tell them"

Daughter goes up to the counter and tells them she only got 5 nuggets. (I went with her with the receipt just in case).

Woman behind the counter had a brief "deer-in-the-headlight" look then goes and shovels nuggets into a box.
Woman behind the counter handing her a box of 5 nuggets: "Here, I'll just give you a 5 piece, ok?"

Me (thinking): "Well, duh, what else would you give her? six? take back the 4 and 1/2 and give her 10? I'm sorry this little math exercise has caused such strain on your mental capacity.

The sea of funky green.

There is a sea of green trucks in our parking lot at work. THESE guys are here cleaning up our building. The company that shares our building (runs parallel with us and separated by a couple sheets of drywall) had a fire the other day and filled our side of the building with smoke and soot and overall stinkiness. I've decided that whenever I think my job sucks I will just remember these folks who have to come in here and CLEAN all day long ... and not just clean but they are cleaning EVERY surface ... I wonder if their homes are a mess. I sure wouldn't want to clean my house after working all day cleaning someone else's place!

Oh, and to the two ladies working outside my office: Stop complaining about your shoulder hurting! You are doing the "wax on, wax off" motion all day! How did you think that was gonna feel? Maybe you should be doing something else. Secondly, repeating things that I say to a co-worker is not only stoopid but annoying and rude, as is whispering stuff to each other when any of us that work here come close to you. Shut up, mind your own business and clean ... ok? Good!

A short note...

to the morons who loaded the truck that I had to help unload last night. It is in no shape or form, useful, funny or in any way amusing to load a semi with all the crates facing sideways so that it is impossible to get a forklift or other such implement under them. Having to work 4 hours just to unload a truck is ridiculous! I have a family which I would have liked to have seen before 10pm last night! Dickheads!

And finally...

any takers?

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Blogger april revealed...

I've gotten the same look from a McDonalds employee when I asked for the sweet & sour sauce that they forgot to put in the bag.

Me: "Yes, I just ordered some nuggets and I didn't get any sweet & sour sauce that I asked for. May I have some please?"

Employee: "............"

Me: "S-W-E-E-T & S-O-U-R S-A-U-C-E"

Employee: "OH, here you go."

It shouldn't be that hard.

And as for the last picture....I believe the owner sent me an email this morning.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Chelle revealed...

I think you have to be stupid to work at McDonald's. Crazy! Like, how hard is it to work there?? lol Too funny.

I like that last picture.....nice eat you..........hmmmmm. lol

10:52 AM  

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