Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Three day weekend...

Going back to work today was just the first step in relaxing from the 3 day weekend. Saturday I helped roof my cousins house and Monday involved replacing my father-in-laws pressure tank and moving a chicken house and chickens from his house to ours. Earlier in the week we had picked up the chicken house nearly 3 feet in the air in order to set it on a trailer and drag it over to my house. Yesterday my uncle and I started working on putting the chicken house off the trailer and onto the ground.

This process involved putting two 12 foot 4x6's under the house and building concrete block pillars up to the beams. Then using jacks, lowering each corner down in steps removing small sections of the pillars until the house was on the ground.

The whole process went quicker than expected. We got the trailer out from under the house and began lowering corners. We completed one trip around (lowered each of the four corners). We were getting ready to make the next pass when ...


One of the 4x6 beams decided to break, in the 6" direction mind you!

What happened next can only be described as two skinny white guys breaking some kind of land speed record to get out of the fall zone of the chicken house.

Fortunately there was no damage to the house, the barn it was sitting beside or the two skinny white guys workin' on it!

Later that evening the 24 clucking tenants moved in!

The farm is a growin'
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Blogger Shover Robot revealed...

wow 24 chickens!

What are you going to do with all those eggs?

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous revealed...

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