Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm alive...

Well in case you thought I went down on my plane flight, too bad suckers I'm still alive. The airport stuff wasn't even that bad as I had no luggage and already had my boarding pass. Let me just say, I LOVE TAKE-OFFS!!!! I felt like a little kid on a roller coaster! I wanted to yell WOOOOO! and put my hands in the air but figured that might be a little awkward!

I've been busy like crazy here at work and to make matters worse, with my girls' softball and our county fair coming up next week, I've haven't had much time to get on here except to read other peoples blogs.

I'll be glad when the fair is over. Since we moved into a new county at the end of last year, this whole fair is new to us. Also, since my girls are taking animals that we are not familiar with it adds a whole new dimension to it. You see the girls have taken rabbits in all previous fair years so even with the new location we would have some kind of idea what to expect. We have NEVER taken goats and sheep before so this is going to be a whole new experience. If nothing else, it will certainly be a learning experience.

Fortunately everyone we have talked to has been helpful and kind. We had a lady who has her own sheep entries to worry about come to our house to shear our sheep and show us how to do things. She was also very helpful in answering numerous questions. All this she did without accepting any kind of compensation.

Ok, on the subject of farm life ... how's this for a farm name?

Ewe goat, girl!
(it might help if you say it out loud)
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