Thursday, August 31, 2006

I could tell by the hat...

First, thanks to Webmiztris for jolting this little memory gem with her blog entry.

One Saturday not so very long ago, in a galaxy not so very far away, our family was having lunch at McDonald's. I know, another McDonald's story. Too Bad!

We were going to be doing outdoor work around the house and were all dressed for such an undertaking. My youngest daughter and I were wearing our cowboy hats.

As we were getting ready to leave my daughter and I went up to the fountain to refill our drinks. The fine McD's employee, who I'm sure was passed up for the Walmart greeter job across the street because she talks too much, was wiping the counter at the fountain.

While I'm filling my drink she says: "You must live on a ranch or farm"

Me: "Well actually, yes, we live on a small farm"

Wiping Lady: "Yeah, I could tell by the hats"

Apparently, owning a cowboy hat requires that you live on a farm or ranch. Strange, they didn't ask me if I lived in such a place when I bought the hat at the store! Guess I lucked out on that one!
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Blogger Webmiztris revealed...

lmao! dude, that's AMAZING, I JUST posted that! Something in McDonald's food must make people 'tarded, I think. I bet if you had had pinstripe pants on they would have thought you were a gangster! :D

3:46 PM  

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