Thursday, September 14, 2006

What about Fido?

It's nothing new. I've seen the guy standing at the end of the exit ramp before with a cardboard sign that says he needs work, standing 3 blocks down from the McDonald's with the big yellow sign out front that says WE'RE HIRING! This however, I didn't expect. I see a guy standing at the end of the exit ramp, cardboard sign in hand. As I get closer I notice ... it's a kid.

Now, by "kid" I mean younger than me. He's standing there, dressed fairly nicely for a "late teen, early twenties" young man. Holding the cardboard sign.

It reads....

Out of money. Need ticket home.

Hmmmm. Now you know I could MAYBE see this in New York or Hollywood. Some kid spends all his money trying to make it big in theater or some such artsy thing. But...OHIO? I don't get it? Why'd you leave home anyway? You know what? How about selling that DOG that is sitting there by your feet. It's obviously WELL taken care of and WELL fed. That isn't a mangy stray. It even looks purebred ... maybe ... maybe it's just not very well behaved and ATE all your money AND the tickets home ... i don't know ... but ... you know what? Maybe I'm being stupid ... but ... I'm not really feelin' sorry for ya!


To the girl wearing the PINK camo pants in McDonald's today,

You're gonna get shot wearin' those into battle...I'm just sayin'...
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Blogger Chelle revealed...

Well just WHY would he go out and get a job when someone might take pity on him and buy him a ticket??? That's what is wrong with that generation...they are spoiled frickin rotten and have never had to do anything for themselves. He probably didnt KNOW how to APPLY for a job.....*eyeroll* lol He needs a good

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Dawn (webmiztris) revealed...

well, maybe she was going to go to battle in a BARBIE jungle!

9:34 AM  

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