Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chalk and Boss Of It All

If you know me at all, you know I love to watch movies from other countries. There are not so many stipulations about what can be shown or said in a "foreign" movie. Also, just because you are a main character doesn't keep you from dying in the end.

Another reason I love foreign movies is because I am trying to learn at least ONE new language, so testing the continuity between what the subtitle says and what the actual character has just spoken can be some fun.

I recently watched two movies, one of which is NOT a foreign film but might as well have been and the other was Danish.

Let's take a look at the cover for Chalk shall we?

(I apologize for the lack of color ... stupid scanner here at work only does black and white)

The important part to notice here is the review quotes. See that word "comedy"? Yeah so did I. Then I watched the movie. The only comedy in this movie is that word there on the front.

Yeah, moving on... The Boss of it All... a Danish film.

Again look closely at the crappy black and white scan of the cover. See it there? Comedy appears TWICE!!! as well as the word FUNNY!!!!
How could I possibly lose on this one!

The premise (reading the synopsis) also seems like it has great potential!

Apparently, Danish comedy is only funny to Danes. Either that or this stunk so bad in Denmark they shipped all the copies here for free! Either way ...
There are a couple small funny bits in the movie and a decent (albeit short) sex scene, but other than that...meh. When the movie opens with the director telling you that you being able to see HIM in the reflection of the window of the building in the first shot was intentional because it's funny ... well ... laugh it up !! The movie is edited as stupidly as the camera shots are all throughout. So occasionally a person may be standing in a room and the next shot ... gone ... as if they just teleported out of the room. Yup, I knew you'd be rolling on the floor with laughter. Seriously, if you really are, go check this movie out ... you'll love it!

Personally, though I think Capt. Picard summed it up best when he watched it and immediately exclaimed ...

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