Thursday, April 13, 2006

That time again...

It's resume time again at work and there are some doozies. It's mostly the same kind of stuff I mentioned here and here.
There is however, another rule I think I should add.

If you were on your way to being hired here, but failed the mandatory pre-employment drug test. It might be a waste of your time to send your resume here AGAIN. Chances are we aren' t going to try and hire you a second time.

Oh and hey, when you call here to set up an appointment for your interview it doesn't really reflect well on your intelligence to ask what the company phone number is. YOU did just call here didn't you?

On the home front, we got a couple baby goats 5 days ago and we are getting two lambs today. I'm on my way to being Farmer Robot!

Since I'm fighting with my van to get it fixed, just a note to the engineers who designed the Chevy Venture ... you suck! You have obviously never had to fix a car in your life!
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