Monday, April 21, 2008

I Am Canadian ...

While having a discussion the other day about stupid questions that have been asked of me I thought, you know, this would make a great blog entry. I could keep it as a list for the next person that decided they were gonna start asking me questions ... I would simply have a list of all the answers to all the stupid questions written down. Hand the person a copy and not have to deal with answering them again! So, consider this my running list. These are not in any particular order. Keep in mind I currently live in Ohio.

No, the sky is not pink (or any other color) it looks just like it does here.

Yes, there are colleges in Canada.

Yes they have a government.

When you want to know about the weather there you might be more specific about location. Don't just ask me what the weather is like today in Canada. Also, I don't sit at home watching Canadian news channels to see what the weather is going to be doing near my hometown. I barely even pay attention to Ohio weather. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world!

Yes, Canada has trees.

No, I do NOT know your cousin/brother/uncle/aunt/sister/friends-friend/other who lives/knows someone/once visited Canada. I know there are a mere 33 million people in Canada and compared to the USA that's only a handful. Still ... give it a rest!

I do not know anything about current events in Canada. Realize I've spent almost half my life in Ohio. My permanent resident card is dated 1992. Again, I do not watch Canadian television (see above). Just for the record, also, when I talk to my parents on the phone I do NOT talk about the weather OR Canadian politics.

Speaking of weather. I am NOT used to living in frigid cold. Look at a freakin' map. There are many areas of the USA that are farther north than my hometown. And I'm not talking about Alaska here! And for all you Ohioans ... I lived on the same lake that you do !!! Yes, we have Lake Erie in common!

I know there's more but I can't think what they are right now. I sure wish I'd kept a running tally of stupid questions. Oh well hindsight ... anyway it's about time for me to get on my dogsled and mush home ... do some ice fishin' and play some hockey before calling it a night.

Oh, and to that loser car salesman trying to be funny ... it's HOSER not HOSEHEAD ... call me a hosehead again I'll likely kick your teeth in ... well ... after I eat my timbits!

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Blogger Shover Robot revealed...

Yeah, like my daughters always getting the same twin questions all the time.

I'll be sure not to ask any of these questions.

11:41 AM  

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