Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Searching ...

Well I was wondering what I was going to post about today. I haven't been around in such a long time. Then I read one of my favorite blogs and well the only thing I could think about was vomiting and kind of put a damper on the whole thought process. Thanks a lot Chickie!!!
So in order to cleanse my brainstem I went to see what things I had missed on Engrish and found this ... how fitting after reading Chickie's blog!

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See what Blogger Chickie had to say about the experience!
See what Blogger Shover Robot had to say about the experience!
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2 Terrible Secrets of Space:

Blogger Chickie revealed...

Heh, glad to be an inspiration!

9:36 PM  
Blogger Shover Robot revealed...

ok then i'm definately not going to click on that link thanks for the warning.

the harsh browns don't look too appetizing either

10:48 AM  

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