Monday, August 27, 2007

Drive-thru customers are more important

Is it just me or has the fact that fast food restaurants put such a heavy weight on the amount of time a car spends in a drive-thru as a metric for determining how good their restaurant is that they've totally neglected the fact that customers inside are exactly that ... customers?!

This has become evident to me on numerous occasions ... but last night was TOTALLY obvious. We were at Skyline Chili and we had a problem. The problem was the heaping pile of fries pictured in the menu vs. the 7 fries that came in a little bowl, for which they expected us to pay $4.19

The request to see the manager was not mean and the waitress explained she would get her. We assumed that "she'll be right over" meant you know ... maybe ... she'll be right over. She never came. As we are getting near the end of our meals and getting ready to go my wife goes over to the manager instead.

It's at this point the manager explained rather rudely that she couldn't come over to see US because she was quite busy working the drive-thru. (There were 4 other employees working in the store and they were NOT busy). Apparently, paying customers eating IN the building don't matter.

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Yeah I've noticed that at McDonalds all the time too. People at the drive-in's get better service then people waiting online inside.

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