Friday, September 07, 2007

You May Have Underestimated Her

Based on the phone message on our answering machine, the employees (specifically a certain manager) of the previously mentioned Skyline Chili, may have underestimated my wife. Having called the head office of the restaurant to complain about the treatment we had received, my wife ended up with a return call on the answering machine. It was quite long but I'll sum it up for you.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I will be in the area and will have a meeting with the management at that store. We will send you a gift card. If at any time you have any more trouble feel free to call me.

That is basically the summary of the extensive phone message. We did receive a second call from the admin. assistant of the person who called before to make sure we got the message and to verify where to send the gift card to. She was told that we don't really NEED a gift card, that we WILL remain customers but they insisted so we are waiting for that to come in the mail. Why am I telling you all this ... oh yeah ... the person who left the message? Get this ... the VICE-PRESIDENT of the company. Oh yeah, almost forgot .... the phone number she left us to call her at if we ever had trouble again ... the home office number? heck no ... HER CELL PHONE.

I so want to program the vice-presidents cell number in my phone, walk into the restaurant again, and at the sign of any trouble ... "Do I need to get the VP of your company on the phone? She's right here in the speed dial!" I wonder if that would get better service ... er ... maybe just more spit in my food?

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Blogger Chelle revealed...

LOL Good for you guys!! More people should complain and maybe service would be better! My brother in law did a similar thing when they had bad service at a brand new restaurant in their area. They got a nice gift card (which meant free meal to but I don't think they got the VP's cell phone number! Damn...I will have to tell him to one up it next time! hehe

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